Best Car Rental Prices in UAE

Best Car Rental Prices in UAE

You might be considering coming to Dubai, but what occupies your mind is the matter of transportation and the cost of renting a car during your stay. This would burden your budget in a city where everything seems to be associated with luxury.

It’s understandable to have reservations about the quality of car rentals in Dubai, but we’re here to change your perception at Miami Car Rental. Our rentals meet and exceed your expectations, all at a price that won’t break the bank. Stay with us as we guide you through our car rental prices and the factors influencing the cost of renting a car in the UAE.

Factors to consider for car rental prices in Dubai

Supply and Demand

Of course, this matter is visible to you and impacts the cost of renting a car during your visit, especially during peak tourist seasons such as holidays and special events. Naturally, the demand for car rental services in Dubai will increase, and prices will rise. However, at Miami, we consider such times to ensure we meet your demand at a competitive price that won’t burden you.

Type and Size of the Car

Naturally, car rental prices vary depending on the type and size of the car you choose. Before arriving in Dubai, think about the vehicle you wish to rent. Do you prefer a luxury car, a compact one, or an economical one? The rental price will be determined based on this, and you can set your budget. We at Miami will provide whatever car you prefer to accompany you during your stay. Don’t worry about the price; it will be perfectly suitable for you. Trust us.

Rental Period Duration

You might fear that the cost of renting a car will increase if your stay in Dubai is prolonged. This is a somewhat logical idea, but rental companies often offer discounts for extended rental periods. Daily rates may be higher compared to weekly or monthly rates in Dubai. Thus, at Miami Car Rental in Dubai, you will always find such offers to spend the time you want without any worry about the price.

Seasonal Variations

If you vacation in the UAE during the winter months, the cost of renting a car in Dubai will increase since this season is more popular among tourists than the scorching summer season. However, there’s no need to worry about renting a car or its cost. Our agency, Miami, provides car rental services in Dubai across all seasons, focusing on peak periods with genuinely competitive prices.

Additional Features and Services

Sometimes, you may want additional services in the car you request for rent, such as child seats if you’re with your family, GPS navigation systems, or you’re looking for a chauffeur service. All of these will add to the overall rental cost. All these services and more are available at Miami Car Rental in Dubai at a cheap car rental price that fits your budget without adding extra burdensome costs.

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Prices of Cars to Hire in Dubai at Miami Agency

At Miami, We understand that the cost of renting a car during your stay in Dubai and the UAE might hinder your visit or even cancel the idea altogether. Therefore, we will remove this obstacle by offering the best car rental deals at highly competitive prices that will encourage you to decide to travel.

Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce Wraith

The luxury awaits you with the Rolls Royce Wraith. This luxury coupe car with two doors and four seats delivers the best imaginable moments. It has lavish materials and a unique design with an auto-driving system, so you can enjoy the luxury this Brand Name is known for. Rent the  Rolls Royce Wraith to join Dubai’s elite at UAE 1800 for Rolls Royce car rental prices.


Don’t hesitate to raise your expectations for your next visit to Dubai and the UAE. Our fleet of luxurious vehicles is ready for you now, starting with the latest Lamborghini models. You can rent a Lamborghini from us at our irresistible competitive Lamborghini car rental price ranging from 2999 AED to 3900 AED. 

Lamborghini Urus Blue

The spirit of a super sports car and the exemplary functionality of an SUV. Renting a blue Lamborghini Urus in Dubai for 2999 AED is a perfect choice for your adventurous desires at an acceptable price for such a prestigious name in the automotive world. Miami Car Rentals’ Lamborghini features a high-end engineering design and advanced technologies, including an advanced infotainment system, airbags, and anti-lock braking systems.

Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder

If you are seeking adventure, renting a Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder from Miami Car Rentals will be your ideal choice at an unexpected price for such a car. Just 2999 AED for this engineering marvel that combines advanced technology and modern elegance with a touchscreen and advanced control systems. Its powerful V10 engine is the top choice for speed and distinction enthusiasts.

Lamborghini Huracan STO

Because at Miami, we understand the passion such a car represents for thrill-seekers and adventurers, we offer it at a rental price not exceeding 3900 AED—a car with a prestigious Italian name in luxury sports car manufacturing. You can rent a Lamborghini Huracan STO in Dubai from us with a stunning design and powerful performance that reflects Lamborghini’s commitment to excellence through its long racing heritage, advanced aerodynamics, and a V10 engine that promises unparalleled performance.


Ferrari F8

For UAE 3250, you can rent a Ferrari F8 from our car rental agency in Dubai. This car is designed for two passengers and allows you the privacy you request. This sports vehicle is your best choice if you prefer navigating Dubai’s roads in a car that makes a difference in every moment. Do not hesitate to rent a Ferrari F8 in Dubai to live adventures at the best price. 


At Miami Car Rental in Dubai, we invite you to discover Dubai with absolute luxury by renting one of our premium Mercedes cars. With attractive and well-calculated Mercedes car rental prices from 575 AED to 1700 AED, we cater to your budget and satisfy your passion. 

Mercedes Maybach GLS450

Renting a Mercedes Maybach from 1400 AED at Miami Car Rental in Dubai is an exceptional opportunity to experience the pinnacle of luxury. This car features an elegant interior, with advanced digital systems and innovative technologies that complement comfort and technology elements in its design. Thanks to its advanced infotainment system, you can enjoy every journey with the Maybach, elevating the driving experience to new levels of perfection.

Mercedes G63

How about renting a Mercedes G63 from us at Miami Car Rental? Don’t overthink, as its rental cost is not as high as expected. For just 1700 AED, you will find yourself experiencing a luxurious drive. With its classic character, this car envelops you in luxury, from the automatic climate control system to the premium leather seats, advanced safety features, and high-quality Burmester sound system. The G63 is indeed an ideal car for a modern, comfortable lifestyle.

Mercedes C200

The epitome of high quality and technological innovation, every detail in the Mercedes C200 is designed to delight you, from the three-color ambient lighting to the automatic transmission and powerful engine to advanced safety features like ABS brakes, airbags, and a rearview camera. We invite you at Miami Car Rental to go beyond the limits and rent a Mercedes C200 for 575 AED. We promise you an exciting and smooth driving experience on the streets of Dubai.


black Nissan Patrol

The black Nissan Patrol, available for rent in Dubai through Miami Car Rentals, combines rugged capability with luxury, making it an excellent choice for exploring the urban landscape and desert terrain. This vehicle has six seats and ample luggage space, making it ideal for family outings or group travel. With its powerful performance and advanced technology, the Nissan Patrol ensures a smooth and memorable driving experience. The daily rental price for the Nissan Patrol is AED 650, the best Nissan car rental price in Abu Dhabi if you are there.


We offer Audi car rental prices that are competitive with a range of UAE 350 to 1350

Audi A3

Renting the Audi A3 in Dubai for AED 350 offers a blend of sporty elegance and efficiency. It’s ideal for those who appreciate a responsive, fun driving experience without sacrificing style. With its compact design and advanced features, the A3 is ideally suited for navigating the bustling city streets of Dubai.

Audi Q3

The Audi Q3 on rent is a versatile SUV combining luxury and functionality. It has advanced driving technologies and a spacious interior, which is ideal for city commutes and adventurous drives. With its robust performance and stylish design, the Q3 is a top choice for those seeking comfort and reliability in Dubai for UED 400.


BMW is a prestigious name for an esteemed brand. A car with such craftsmanship and dynamic performance from our Miami Car Rental agency should be your companion when visiting Dubai. We offer you the latest models at the most suitable prices for renting BMW cars, ranging from 550 AED to 900 AED.

BMW 730 Li

A luxury sedan with high-quality specifications that provide you with a smooth and economical performance. It is an excellent choice for you in Dubai from Miami Car Rental. You will genuinely feel distinguished when renting a BMW 730 Li, not just because of its luxurious appearance but also because of the unique feeling that the steering wheel gives you. With us, your uniqueness won’t be costly, as 900 AED for such a prestigious brand is a highly competitive price that will prompt you to experience it.

BMW 430i

As is our custom at Miami Car Rental, we offer you only the most famous global names in the automotive world. What do you think about renting a BMW 430i in Dubai, which combines elegant, sporty design and powerful performance for 550 AED? Of course, we didn’t stop there; our BMW cars are equipped with the latest technologies and comfort features, such as an advanced infotainment system and climate control system, ensuring a comfortable and safe driving experience.

BMW 520i

Think of it as something other than just a car. Renting a BMW 520i from Miami Car Rental is a mobile luxury that offers exceptional comfort with its harmonious design and luxurious interior. It features advanced safety and comfort technologies, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a pleasurable and comfortable driving experience. Do you realize what it means to start an extraordinary journey for only 550 AED with such a car? It will be an etched time from sitting behind the wheel and setting off.


take advantage of our Bentley car hire prices and options, including:

Bentley Bentayga

The Bentley Bentayga, available for rental in Dubai at Miami Car Rental for UAE2500, , represents the ultimate in luxury SUV performance. This sophisticated vehicle has a powerful engine and state-of-the-art technology, ensuring an exhilarating and safe driving experience. With its lavish interior and robust capabilities, the Bentayga is perfect for exploring the dynamic landscapes of Dubai in supreme comfort.

Bentley Continental GT

For the UAE 1800, the Bentley Continental GT is on rent, another exquisite offering at our car rental in Dubai. This high-performance coupe epitomizes the pinnacle of grand touring, combining classic Bentley attributes of luxury and power with modern technology to deliver an unmatched driving experience. Ideal for cruising the vibrant streets of Dubai or attending glamorous events, the Continental GT offers elegance and excitement in equal measure.

Prices to Rent luxury, sports & family Cars

luxury car rental dubai price

You might think renting luxury cars in Dubai is expensive. Still, at Miami Car Rentals, we strive to make this luxurious experience within everyone’s reach by offering competitive prices that suit all budgets.   

Our luxury car rental dubai price varies from 525 AED to 2500 AED per day, plus a 5% value-added tax. Our prices depend on the rental duration, and you can find affordable offers starting from 300 AED per day for short-term or long-term rentals. 

sports car rental dubai prices

At Miami Sports Car Rentals in Dubai, we make renting your dream sports car easy and affordable. Whether you are looking for unconventional sports cars for rent in Dubai or a luxurious sports car for a special occasion, our vehicles are at your service.

We offer prices from 550 AED up to 3900 AED, allowing you to enjoy the luxury and thrill of driving a high-end car at a reasonable cost that frees you from financial burdens.

Families car Renal Prices

When planning a family vacation in Dubai, choosing the proper transportation at a practical and economical price can be challenging. Although many options are available, renting a family car in Dubai from our Miami Car Rentals agency will be your best choice.

We offer very reasonable prices ranging from 600 AED to 900 AED, with an additional 5% value-added tax to the rental cost, making it a suitable option for your family vacation expenses.

SUV Car Rental Prices

We offer various prices to rent your SUV car from our exceptional UAE 400 to 1900 fleet—no worries for your budget. With us, you can find the best for you and your budget. Our SUV fleet waits for you, and everyone loves to experience adventure.

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Why Should Know car rental prices in UAE in Advance

When planning your vacation or business trip in the UAE, it’s essential to consider renting a car as one of the key items on your checklist. Being informed about car rental prices in advance is crucial and helps you plan your trip. Why is this knowledge important? Let us explain.

  • Financial Planning and Budgeting: It helps you set an accurate budget for your trip.
  • Scheduling Your Trip: It allows you to organize your travel schedule, including rental duration and transportation.
  • Avoiding Extra Costs: You can avoid additional costs and hidden fees that may arise when you pick up the car.
  • Price Comparison: You can compare prices between rental companies and choose the best and most cost-effective deal.
  • Early Booking: Early bookings are often cheaper, while last-minute bookings can be more expensive, especially during peak tourist seasons.
  • Choosing the Right Car: You can select the most suitable car for your planned activities without overspending.
  • Knowing the Procedures: Understanding the necessary procedures and required documents for car renting makes the pick-up and drop-off process smoother.
  • Taking Advantage of Special Offers: Some car rental companies offer special deals for early bookings or during specific periods.

Miami is the Best for car rental prices in Dubai & UAE

At Miami Car Rentals in Dubai, we are recognized as the ideal destination for car rental seekers. We are consistently committed to delivering exceptional value and top-tier customer service. As the car rental industry expands and gains momentum, we continue to make remarkable progress thanks to the quality of our services, which sets us apart from others. 

  • Leading Company in Dubai and the UAE: We offer competitive, solid prices that cater to all needs and budgets.
  • Wide Range of Vehicles: We offer a broad selection of luxury, economic, and sports cars, giving our clients great flexibility in choosing a car that suits their needs and preferences online, whether you are in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or wherever across the UAE.
  • Transparency: We provide accurate and comprehensive information about our cars, especially when we have lower offers than other companies. This ensures our honesty and builds trust between us and our clients.
  • Strong Market Competition: We offer the cheapest and lowest price for renting a car in Dubai while maintaining service quality and ensuring customer satisfaction, making us a preferred choice for many residents and visitors in the UAE.
  • Flexible car rental plans: We offer monthly, one-day, and weekly plans at the best prices. With us, you can get a cheap car rental for one month and one day in Dubai.
  • We offer the best rental prices for your best occasions, like weddings. Benefit from our discount car rental prices for weddings in Dubai and the UAE.

By focusing on these key areas, we ensure that our clients have a seamless and enjoyable car rental experience, reinforcing our position as a leading car rental company in the region.

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