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sports car lease in UAE

Sports Car Rentals in Dubai is the choice for those looking to navigate the UAE in a car with sporting capabilities. These car rentals give your visit a different taste, similar to the experience of driving in sports circles.

If you are alike, sports car leasing in Dubai is what you need, so your dream will come true in Dubai. At our car rental agency in Dubai, we offer a wide range of super exotic and luxury sports automobiles to hire the best one for you and start your visit with the highest style, luxury, and performance.

Advantage Choosing sports car hire from Miami Agency in Dubai

  • Customized services.
  • Competitive hire prices.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • A vast collection of sports cars is available for lease.

Top sports cars for rent at Miami car rental 

Audi S5

Our agency now offers the convertible sports Audi S5 for hire. Enjoy driving with only the Dubai sky above you. Choose with whom will participate you in the memorable moments in this car that accommodates up to 4 passengers with 2 luggage and auto driving system. Do not think twice about leasing the Audi S5 when you come to Dubai, as it gives you all the luxury, performance, and performance you want. 

Ferrari F8

What is more adventurous than navigating the UAE with a Ferrari-name car? If you love this brand and do not accept driving others, the Coupe sports Ferrari F8 is waiting for you to hire from our agency. Rent a Ferrari F8 in Dubai and experience the best time with your partner; enjoy privacy with all the advanced technology that makes your moments luxurious and unforgettable. 

BMW 430i

The second convertible sports car for rent. BMW 430i, which is available to hire now from our agency, promises you to pay attention wherever you arrive with its unique color, performance, and name itself. With this, BMW will not need to worry about keeping connected as it comes with all the advanced technology you need along with others regarding the driving process.


Lamborghini sports cars on rent in dubai at our agency have different models like a Lamborghini SUV Urus in blue or dark green, a convertible Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder in a fiery red, and a coupe blue Lamborghini Huracan STO in 2 seaters with one luggage. Choosing our luxury sports car hire in Dubai means you will drive the best Lamborghini you dreamed of.

Range Rover Sport

Our car leasing Rover Sports offers two models of the Rover range: a white and black Range Rover Sports and a luxury SUV Range Rover 2023. If you are looking for a car to explore the deserts, dunes, and rugged roads in the UAE, renting one of these models will be the right choice. Go with your family or friends up to 5 seaters and spend the best time together with the advanced technology these range Rovers have. Join the people who like the combination of luxury and SUVs by hiring Range Rover in Dubai. 

Why Hire a sports car from Miami car Rental in Dubai

Where can you hire a sports car in Dubai? You want to rent your vehicle from a top-model sports car rental company in dubai. Right?

At Miami Agency, mcruae, everything is different, from the sports cars for hire that only belong to the global brands in the car world to the best rental offers and deals at cheap and competitive prices. 

Because we design our car rentals for you in the first place, our sports hire plans are flexible. You will find your preference whatever the rental period, whether renting a sports car for a day, for the weekend, or longer. Our online sports car rentals make everything easy for you; call us and tell us what you need so our team can do everything for you.

Our Services for sports car hire

  • Sports car wedding hire.
  • Sports car weekend leasing.
  • Sports car rental Abu Dhabi.
  • Sports car rental dubai airport.

FAQs about luxury sports car hire in UAE

How much to rent a sports car in dubai?

When leasing a sportscar in Dubai, you will find the cost is different, depending on many factors that your rental process might include. Remember that there is no fixed price, so define exactly what you need before requiring your sports car to rent.

How to rent a sports car at your agency in dubai

Our sports car rental prices are determined by the sports car model you choose and any additional services you might request. Call us today to discuss your needs and make the best rental offer.

How much to rent a sports car for a day at your agency?

To hire a sports car for a day, let’s discuss your preferences and the services you need so we can offer you the best rental offer.

What is required to rent a sports car in Dubai?

At our agency, all our sports car rentals require a driver who is at least 23 and has a valid license. If you are a foreign tourist, you should also have a valid international driving license.

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